After launching for fifty days, AlphaOrBeta has reached 500 thousand transactions and 100 thousand active users.

After launching for fifty days, AlphaOrBeta has reached 500 thousand transactions and 100 thousand active users.

AlphaOrBeta has announced that within fifty days since the public launch of the beta version, the platform has now reached more than 500 thousand transactions and has reached 100 thousand active users. In the top social finance project (SIcialFi) on Mantle and fourth on Arbitum, AlphaOrBeta has reached a new milestone with more than 500 thousand transactions and more than 100 thousand active users within fifty days of its launch.

OpnionLabs, is an infrastructure developer for identity intelligence and financial interactions, which was recently rated by Binance Labs as the most valuable developer, and is indeed supportive of this project. According to a spokesperson for the developer, "This achievement strongly demonstrates our innovative approach to opinion and prediction markets, about providing users with a dynamic platform to engage and share insights."
The AlfaOrBeta team will launch a new reward pool with huge prizes when milestones are achieved.

AlphaOrBeta Market and Developer Predictions and Opinions

AlphaOrBeta functions as an opinion and prediction network for Web3 perdana, modifying the way people interact and make decisions.

The innovative project approach towards opinion and prediction markets gives users a fun platform to express themselves and share ideas, setting new benchmarks for first responses from Web3 communities.

In Binance Labs MVB Season 7, AlphaOrBeta was chosen as a value platform, highlighting the rising importance of prediction markets and opinion sharing in the blockchain ecosystem.

The network's constant commitment to creating sophisticated opinion and prediction markets is one of its core characteristics.

Every vote taker in this special environment receives rewards; victors receive Alpha tokens, while other participants receive Beta tokens. In this approach, it is emphasized that each and every viewpoint is recognized fairly and with equal weight.

"AlphaOrBeta's success is reflected not only in its impressive user base and transaction volume, but also in its strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Ultiverse, Hooked, and Coin98," the author writes.

Furthermore, the Mantle campaign for Seasons 1, 2, and 3 achieved unexpected results, attracting more than 135,000 on-chain users and facilitating participation in over 521,000 tasks.
With over 500.000 transactions, AlphaOrBeta has relaunched SocialFi, providing users with a dynamic platform to participate in a variety of topics and activities.

"We are very proud to be labeled as the most valuable developer by Binance Labs. This achievement underlines our commitment to advancing innovation and revolutionizing the digital ecosystem. AlphaOrBeta's success stems from our hard work and dedication, and we are eager to continue exploring new frontiers in economics, human development, and the Web3 ecosystem, ensuring that every human development is not only understood but also monetized."

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