Nexus Protocol Airdrop

Nexus Protocol is airdropping

Airdrop Blockchain : Nexis Network is the world's fastest EVM blockchain and open-source platform for decentralized projects and apps, able to handle up to 75,000 transactions per second with immediate finality, incredibly cheap fees, and Solidity compatibility.

Nexis Network secured $1 million in investment from Castrum Capital and began a points and testnet campaign. Sign up for the points campaign to earn points for doing basic activities. Earn additional points with recommendations. Also, check their testnet. They have verified the introduction of their "NZT" coin, which will reward active players.

Step-by-Step Get Nexis Airdrop:

Task 1: Points campaign:

  1. Visit Nexis Portal.
  2. Create account and submitting your details or by connecting with your Twitter account.
  3. Now go to “Quests Center” and complete simple tasks to get points.
  4. Get 5% of the points for each referral.{codeBox}

Task 2: Testnet campaign:

  1. Visit Nexis Network Faucet.
  2. To add the testnet to your wallet, click the "Add Nexis Network Testnet" button.
  3. Submit your address on the faucet page to receive testnet NZT Tokens.
  4. Now, test out the testnet dApps on the Nexis Network.
  5. Visit the Nexis DEX and make some swaps.
  6. Try the testnet bridge to swap tokens between the Nexis test network and another test network.
  7. Register a.NZT domain on the Nexis Network.
  8. Create a Nexis wallet and try it out.
  9. For additional details about the testnet, check this tweet.
  10. {codeBox}

They have confirmed that they would introduce the "NZT" cryptocurrency and reward active users. Users that acquire points and engage on the testnet will receive NZT tokens once the token is live.

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