Bitcoin Price Drops While Ethereum Rises, Here Why Analysts Remain Bullish on ETH.


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According to prominent crypto researcher Dan Gambardello, the cryptocurrency sector is entering a critical moment. Based on six and a half years of technical research and volume data, Gambardello anticipates severe market volatility in the coming two months.

Altcoin Season Predictions

Gambardello study anticipates the beginning of the altcoin season, which will be followed by a major decrease in BTC supremacy.

He provided a graphical study of the major currencies' dominance patterns from 2017 to the present, emphasizing the negative link between BTC dominance and the altcoin market, particularly during moments of extreme volatility.

The analyst presentation demonstrated how BTC dominance dropped throughout the 2017 and 2021 altcoin bull runs. The graphic demonstrates a repeating pattern in which Bitcoin supremacy follows a cyclical tendency, rising before the next downturn.

Furthermore, Gambardello has two moving average (MA) indicators whose crossing points have traditionally indicated a drop in dominance.

Indicator Heads Down

According to Airdrop Blockchain, Gambardello chart reveals that the MA is once again approaching the crossing mark. The data also reveals that Bitcoin dominance is approaching its pinnacle, with signs of waning momentum.

As a result, the analyst anticipates a probable drop in BTC dominance, indicating a change in investment from Bitcoin to altcoins or a significant cash inflow into the altcoin market.

Gambardello projections are supported by historical market trends. Typically, Bitcoin achieves new highs, signaling the beginning of a bull cycle. After that, there was a period of accumulation, followed by fresh capital inflows, resulting in a parabolic surge in numerous cryptocurrencies.

The emotional dynamics of the cryptocurrency market also influenced this development. Retail investors frequently pause during initial rallies owing to fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

This cautious approach was quickly replaced by FOMO, which caused investors to rush into the market, culminating in a massive rise and extreme volatility.

The Importance of Monitoring Bitcoin Dominance

Gambardello projections are consistent with a larger grasp of cryptocurrency market cycles. Bitcoin dominance tends to rise during market crashes and consolidations, as investors seek the relative safety of the largest cryptocurrency.

During bull runs, altcoins frequently outperform Bitcoin, causing a loss in dominance as investors seek bigger profits.

Bitcoin impending slide in prominence may signal a fruitful moment for altcoin investors. If historical patterns hold, cryptocurrencies may enjoy huge gains when Bitcoin dominance dwindles.

Investors should brace themselves for a tumultuous but possibly rewarding market era, marked by strong changes in both Bitcoin and altcoins.

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